How CWA Works

What Is CWA?

The College for Working Adults is a unique program for adults who have full-time work and/or family responsibilities. Through a curriculum developed specifically for busy adults, students can earn an associate's degree in just two and a half years while working full time. With proper advising, students seeking bachelor's degrees can, after completing an Associates degree, transfer their credits to four-year colleges or universities.

How Does CWA Work?

CWA schedules its degree programs into a block system. Typically a block of classes will include an online experience along with a classroom experience. During each block, the student concentrates on nine credit hours of courses in one of the following areas:

  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities, Communication, and the Arts
  • Science and Math
  • Business and Technology

Within each block, course work and assignments are thematically related when appropriate.

What Is A CWA Block?

A CWA block consists of three parts:

  • a discussion group/course that meets at least once a week
  • an online and classroom course (blended) that you access at your convenience each week
  • Saturday seminars that meet eight Saturdays per block

What Advising Help Is Available To CWA Students?

The CWA commitment to personalized education includes student advising. An adviser, who understands the needs of adults, is available to help CWA students with their academic planning. Career development and personal counseling are also available through the college counseling center.

What Can CWA Do For You?

CWA has adult needs in mind and can provide you with:

  • college-level skills that will enhance your opportunities for career advancement
  • a supportive, adult-oriented learning environment
  • special help, if needed, in strengthening your study skills and your basic math and writing skills
  • a quality education at an affordable price
  • a forum for self-discovery and personal growth through meeting new people and confronting new ideas.

How Will CWA Acknowledge My Past Learning and Experience?

SFCC can evaluate your transcripts from other institutions and determine which courses may be accepted for credit at SFCC. We also offer a Credit for Prior Learning course to advise you about other credit options.

What Makes CWA Successful?

  • Highly qualified faculty
  • Integrated curriculum
  • Supportive learning-community environment

What Degrees Are Offered Through CWA?

The SFCC College for Working Adults program offers Associate in Arts (AA) degrees in Business Administration and Accounting.

The AA in Business Administration is designed for students who want to pursue bachelor's degrees in Business Administration or other business fields. This degree requires course work in both the liberal arts and business.

CWA Groups

New groups form each fall. Weekday and Saturday classes are held at the SFCC campus. The CWA program is open to all state, city and county employees as well as to the general public.

What If I Want To Earn A Degree?

The College for Working Adults is a flexible program that meets the varied needs of adult students. CWA classes can be used to complete an Associates degree or meet the general education requirements for professional degrees at SFCC or other schools. CWA classes can also be used to satisfy lower-division requirements at four-year schools. Some CWA students take classes simply for personal enrichment.

For more information, please contact Kathleen Finn-Brown, School of Business Chair, 505-428-1745,

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