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New Mexico Energy$mart Academy Course Descriptions

Weatherization Trainings 

Weatherization Retrofit Installer Technician:
Learn all the necessary skills and knowledge to become an installer for weatherization programs. Air sealing, insulation and blower door testing are just some of what you will learn. This complete training, which trains you to the NREL Knowledge Skills and Abilities and leads to certification, is completed over three "Steps" of three days each, plus additional environmental health and safety classes. Check our calendar for the next Step One training. Download course syllabus.

Weatherization Crew Leader:
After taking the Weatherization Installer training (above), individuals who would like to learn the knowledge and skills to become a Crew Leader may take this three day training. Check our calendar for the next Crew Leader training.
Download course syllabus.

Weatherization Energy Auditor:
This course trains an auditor in comprehensive inspection and diagnostic analysis of a house, including the building envelope, mechanical systems, lighting and appliances, blower door and combustion testing, zone pressure diagnostics, measure selections, generating work orders, infrared skills and more. This training is conducted over five "Steps", most of which are 3 days long. Check our calendar for the next Step One training to start on your path. This course conforms to the NREL Knowledge Skills and Abilities required for an Energy Auditor and leads to national certification.
Download course syllabus.

Weatherization Quality Control Inspector:
Our Quality Control Inspector class is delivered in a blended format. Please see the Quality Control Inspector specific page.
Download Course syllabus.

HVAC for Energy Auditor:
This class is for auditors. Students will train on a wide range of systems, including water heaters, furnaces, boilers, air conditioners and ovens. Students will learn how to identify and diagnose safety and mechanical problems and learn appliance maintenance. Ventilation systems and standards will also be included. (36 hours over 3 days). This class is Step 4 of the Energy Auditing training but may also be taken separately by people who have BPI training. Check our calendar for the next available class (this will be named "Step 4 Energy Auditor".)

NEAT / MHEA training for the Energy Auditor:
This course gives training on two energy auditing software programs typically used by weatherization agencies, NEAT and MHEA. (5 days). This is Step 5 of the Energy Auditor training. Check our calendarfor the next Step 5 class. 

Building Performance Institute (BPI) and HERS Rater Training 

BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional:
This course prepares you to conduct a comprehensive inspection and diagnostic analysis of a home’s energy consumption, paying special attention to health and safety issues that can arise during energy efficiency improvements. Blower door testing, combustion testing, calculating ventilation standards and work scope development are some of the skills learned. There will be classroom instruction, lab and field work. Written and field test fees are included. Successful completion of the class provides certification by the Building Performance Institute as a BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional. Most suitable for people with construction backgrounds and good math skills. (48 hours over 6 days PLUS an individually scheduled 3-hour field test).

HERS Rater Training:
This course prepares you for certification by RESNET as a Home Energy Rater. This is a comprehensive building science course which includes blower door and duct blaster training and energy modeling. There will be classroom instruction, lab time and field work. You will have two opportunities to take the national RESNET written exam and will do two energy ratings. Most suitable for people with construction backgrounds and good math skills. (48 hours over 6 days).

Specialty Classes:
These classes will be offered periodically throughout the year and include topics such as Advanced Pressure Diagnostics, CAZ Safety Testing, Refresher Blower Door and Refresher CAZ testing. Call for more details about upcoming classes or check the schedule.

National Center for Healthy Housing

As a training partner of the National Center for Healthy Housing we offer the following classes:

Healthy Homes Essentials:
Healthy Homes training will help you understand the conection between health and housing and how to take a holistic approach to identify and resolve problems that threaten the health and well-being of residents. you will learn how to identify the root causes of problems that threaten the health and well-being of residents and link them to seven principles of healthy housing. Upon completion of the course a student may elect to sit the National Environmental Health Association's Healthy Homes Specialist credential. (students must have at least 5 years experience related to either housing or health to sit the exam).

Health Opportunities in Energy Audits and Upgrades:
This course provides an opportunity for energy efficiency staff to learn about healthy homes and understand that energy efficiency is only one part of a safe and healthy home. They become aware of a wider array of housing problems they will encounter and may be able to address once they are working in a home.

Green and Healthy Management Strategies for Multi-Family Properties:
This course provides property owners/managers tools to implement green and healthy practices that can reduce energy, water, and contaminants and improve resident health conditions. Successfully completing the course satisfies HUD's green training requirements under HUD's Mark to Market Green Initiative and Recovery Act/Green Retrofit Program as well as the National Affordable Housing Management Association's (NAHMA's) training requirements for their Credential for Green Property Management.

Healthy Homes for Community Health Workers:
This course trains CHWs to provide one-on-one and large group education on healthy homes, provide general advice about specific healthy homes problems, and be able to recommend healthy homes approaches to be taken by families, landlords and other community members.

Health and Safety Classes 

Health and Safety Trainings OSHA 10: Construction Health & Safety:
Occupational health and safety training for construction workers covered under CFR 1926 construction regulations. Course topics include: Introduction to OSHA, Electrical Safety, Fall Protection, Ladder Safety, Excavation Safety, Scaffold Safety, Materials Handling, Forklift Safety, and Personal Protective Equipment. Participants will receive an OSHA Construction Health & Safety 10-hour card upon successful completion of this course. (10 hours over 2 days).

OSHA 30: Construction Health & Safety:
This course introduces students to OSHA policies, procedures and standards applicable in the construction industry by the 29 CFR 1926 regulations. Participants will receive an OSHA Construction Health and Safety 30-hour course completion card after successful completion of the course. (30 hours over 4 days.)

Lead Certified Renovator:
This course is required for any person who disturbs lead-based paint in target housing or child occupied facilities per the Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule. This course meets the individual training requirements of the EPA RRP regulations for Certified Renovators. (8 hours).

Lead Dust Sampling Technician:
This course certifies students in the sampling procedures for non-abatement lead dust clearance in target housing or child occupied facilities after renovations/rehabilitation of lead based painted surfaces. Upon successful completion of course activities and examination, the student will understand the regulatory requirements for lead dust clearance sampling, interpretation of laboratory results, and Lead Dust Sampling report preparation. Prerequisite: Lead Certified Renovator (8 hours).

DOE Lead Safe Weatherization:
This is a special one day DOE required lead awareness program for weatherization workers. Prerequisite: Lead Certified Renovator(8 hours / 1 day)

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