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Academy for Teaching and Learning

Innovation, Leadership, Community

The SFCC Academy for Teaching and Learning brings together the best teaching faculty at SFCC and beyond to provide transformative professional development. The Academy contributes to SFCC’s long term goal of engaging employees in the workplace by promoting excellence in job performance, creating and operating programs that attract and retain an excellent workforce as well as improve communication and collaboration. The Academy also engages SFCC educators in transformative experiences that provide them the tools and means by which to empower their students to succeed.

Mission and Goals

The Academy for Teaching and Learning's mission is to provide educators with support and recognition for innovation and excellence in teaching, learning, and leadership.

Our goals include:

  • Honoring educators
    The Academy honors educators who ignite students’ passions and enrich their lives every day. We honor those, who by their own example, demonstrate the value of knowledge through their commitment to their students' academic successes, and encourage other educators to simulate these successful teaching patterns.

  • Building community
    The Academy supports and hosts Learning Communities that focus on key teaching and learning issues. We help build connections and collaborations with and among campus communities.

  • Strengthening teaching
    The Academy believes that teachers can be change agents that have the potential to transform their classrooms and communities. They are in the position to make real change happen. We aim to help strengthen teaching at SFCC by hosting four long-term events as well as 1-hour colloquia designed to help you address your everyday teaching challenges.

  • Advancing learning
    The Academy’s Advancing Learning initiatives are meant to engage with individuals from all campus areas. Our offerings range from 1-hour “Breakfast Clubs” in which all are invited to participate in interactive curriculum to 1-hour “Speed Sharing” sessions that are rapid-fire ways of learning about the latest classroom technology, to 2-hour evening book clubs or 1-hour colloquia designed to help you address your everyday teaching challenges. The Academy also supplies many teaching and learning resources that can be accessed from our resource website.

  • Fostering leaders
    The Academy designs leadership events for motivated individuals who which to engage in the process of improving SFCC and addressing SFCC’s mission. These interactive Institutes teach leadership skills, provide personal interaction with peers from across the campus, build community, and offer high level management training effecting team leaders.
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